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Morgen irgendwo am Meer

Patrick Büchting

Despite their strained friendship Konrad manages to convince Romy to go on a shared trip to the ocean during their summer holidays. When Romy’s friend Julian and the unknown Nele join them during their road trip Konrad begins to fear the trip was a bad idea. Meanwhile, the others ask themselves one thing: Why does Konrad actually want to go to Lisbon?

Director Patrick Büchting studied at the Filmhochschule Darmstadt. Morgen irgendwo am Meer is based on Adriana Popescu’s novel of the same name and, among other things, was created with the help of a crowdfunding campaign.

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Direction Patrick Büchting
Country Germany
Year 2023
Duration 80 min
Language German
Production Patrick Büchting, Fachhochschule Dortmund
Cast Jonas Kaufmann, Carlotta Weide, Sophia Münster, Louie Betton
Camera Sebastian Berghaus
Script Patrick Büchting
Editing Julius Haasch
Sound Nikolas Räuber, Marcel Pfunder, Valentin Vankann, Michaela Mayer, Vincent Richter

About the Director

Patrick Büchting directed Morgen irgendwo am Meer, the movie is his brainchild. Although he previously directed several small productions, this production is a personal project especially close to his heart. (Morgen-irgendwo-am-Meer-Webseite)

The Director About the Film

“Half an eternity ago I stumbled across a pitch for Morgen irgendwo am Meer on Instagram and immediately knew: I have to read this book. What can I say? Said and done! I got the novel for my birthday a few weeks later and fell in love with the story straight away. Even while I was reading, I had the urge to film the story of these four and put it on the big screen. Then I started to get in touch with the author, Adriana. In the end, she gave me the Go-Ahead for and we could start production. That was about two years ago (interview from July 06, 2022)“ (Patrick Büding auf der Morgen-irgendwo-am-Meer-Webseite)


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