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6. VR Storytelling Award - 2022

VR is back! After the VR Award had to take place as an online event in the past two years, we are pleased to finally present the finalists of this year’s competition in person!

From the submissions to our worldwide competition, we have picked the best five films. Our jury will select the winning film from among these, but things stay exciting as the winner will only be announced during the award ceremony at the end of the festival.

Over the course of the festival, all films can be experienced in the form of our popular VR Screenings at our festival centre. This year, you can watch 360° films with a strong focus on documentary and experimental filmmaking

And we don’t want to keep this from you: these are dark times, and that is reflected in the films as well. The fates of those forcibly prostituted after the Korean war, disturbing escape experiences, last year’s 20th anniversary of the attack of 9/11 – these aren’t topics that create pleasurable VR experiences. But the filmmakers express these topics in a visual language unique to the 360° film and deserve to be seen, their objectives heard, even if they sometimes approach the pain threshold.

The VR Screenings take place at the festival centre.

Wednesday, 11th of May - 6PM and 9PM
Thursday, 12th of May - 6PM and 9PM
Friday, 13th of May - 6PM and 9PM
Saturday, 14th of May - 3PM, 6PM and 9PM
Sunday, 15th of May - 4PM


The finalists of the 6th VR Storytelling Award are:


USA 2022
Director: Christopher Boulton
Duration: 10:00 min.

In the form of a 360° collage, various documentaries about the unimaginable vastness of the universe as well as the strange world of the microcosm, of cells, molecules and atoms, are intermingled and thus provide an insight into the cultural history of these visual worlds, which all seem familiar to us, although we have never seen them with our own eyes.

Lockdown Dreamscape VR

Experimental film
Germany 2022
Director: Nicolas Gebbe
Duration: 6:00 Min

Lockdown, the reduction of life to one's own four walls. In this experimental film, an apartment becomes a cosmos through which we float as if through a space station, detached from the rest of the world. Familiar forms dissolve and become something new, but in the end everything just keeps going in circles.

Dislokacije (Dislocation)

Experimental film
HR/FR 2020
Director: Milivoj and Veljko Popovic
Duration: 7:45 min.

In darkly dreamlike, almost dance-like choreographed sequences, this film processes experiences of flight in a universal way, creating an insight into an eternally repeating tragedy that people all over the world are exposed to.

Surviving 9/11 – 27 hours under the rubble

USA/FR 2021
Directed by Chloé Rochereuil;
Duration: 20:21 min.

This VR documentary powerfully tells the story of Genelle Guzman-McMillan, the last person rescued from Ground Zero after being buried alive under the rubble for 27 hours.

In detailed reconstructed 360° panoramas, we experience the New York of 2001 as well as the interiors of the World Trade Center shortly before its collapse and thus witness the momentous terrorist attacks, the consequences of which can still be felt today.


USA/KOR 2021
Director: Gina Kim
Duration: 10:00 min.

Tearless is a harrowing testimony of the victims of war and sexual violence. In atmospheric images, we see the abandoned place that represents the suffering of abused women in the Korean War. Images that get under the skin.